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Rules and Regulations

I cannot login with a rating X on a X position, why? (Example AS3 on a Approach)
An FRA is a minimum criteria for ATC on a certain controller sector. This means the ATC needs to have a specific grade before he/she can take an ATC position. The purpose of FRA's is not to discourage newbies from starting as ATC but to make sure that our pilots get good ATC quality. The saying "Better bad ATC than no ATC" is not applicable to our FIR's... a list of XU FRA's can be found here.
Why should I switch to squawk mode standby on the ground?
On the ground, indications like speed and FL are of no importance for controllers. Furthermore, is it impossible for the controller, to separate AC´s squawking in C mode status on ground.
What is Sandbagging?
Sandbagging is considered collecting time online as pilot or ATC and not responding to another user's communication via their primary frequency (voice/text) and/or other secondary means (other frequency, guard, chat, force act) within a reasonable time. Sandbagging is considered a disapproved method to gain hours to typically earn or qualify for a higher pilot or controller rating
IVAO FSD servers will assume a pilot is sandbagging on the ground after 60 continuous minutes connected online if the following conditions occur: If your speed is less then 1 knot (speed) if you are at the same position (movement)

ATC Operations Department

I want to control, how do I get started.
You can use this document to get started controlling in the XU Division on the IVAO Network
I am unsure about a specific aerodrome procedure. How can I clarify my knowledge?
All our procedures can be found on our wiki.
I like the ATC INFO function within IvAc 2 but now I control on Aurora. How can I access this system outside of IvAc 2?
You can access the UK ATC INFO system at any time here.
I’d like to control on a position but I’m not sure if I have the right rating to do so. Where can I find out what positions I can control?
You can view Facility Rating Assignments (FRA’s) on the IVAO HQ website here
I am interested in controlling the North Atlantic and have obtained my ADC rating. How can I apply?
You can apply to control the North Atlantic by submitting a request here
I have a query about controlling on the network in the XU Division. How can I contact an XU ATC Operations staff member?
You can contact a XU ATC Operations Staff member by emailing: xu-atcops@ivao.aero or alternatively you can raise a support ticket under the #ask-the-staff section on our discord.

Membership Department

How do I access my profile page?
Visit https://www.ivao.aero/Member.aspx?ID=XXXXXX replacing the X's with the VID that was sent to you when you registered your account.
I cannot log in / My account is inactive!
If you have not logged in the IVAO network for a while, your account may have been automatically marked as inactive. Once this happens, you will not be able to log on. Please visit your profile page, and on the right hand under the user comments box, click 'Reactivate Account'. It can take up to 15 minutes to reflect on your account, so if after this time you are still unable to log on to the network, please contact your division membership team, who can look into it for you.
How do I reset my Passwords?
You can visit the Password Reset page here. If you are unable to login to your account, please send an email to members@ivao.aero including your VID, and the membership department will be able to assist.
How do I change my email address?
Please send an email to members@ivao.aero, with the subject as 'E-mail change XXXXXX' (where XXXX is your VID). Include both your old and new addresses, and the reason for changing your email address in the email. Please note that email addresses that contain IVAO are not permitted.
Your division membership staff can also assist in changing your email address.
I have created 2 accounts in error!
Please contact your division Membership Coordinator / Assistant Coordinator who can potentially merge hours, and remove any unnecessary accounts. They can be reached by emailing XX-mc@ivao.aero and XX-mac@ivao.aero, (replacing the XX with your divisions country code).
How can I change what division I am with?
You may request a change of division once per year, by sending an email to xx-hq@ivao.aero and yy-hq@ivao.aero, making sure to include members@ivao.aero as a CC. Replace XX by the 2-letter code of your current division, and replace YY by the 2-letter code of the target division. In the subject line include 'Division Transfer ID XXXXXX', replacing the XXXXXX with your VID. Please ensure that any pending exams or training is completed before requesting a division transfer, and all transfers are subject to approval of your target division & Membership Department.
I just flew 10 hours, and my profile doesn't show it!
ATC / Pilot hours are updated at 1200z the following day. Excessive time sat at a ramp/gate as a pilot may not be counted, as this is considered 'sandbagging'.
Why am I missing an award?
For Division Awards, please contact your division membership team, who can look into it for you. Alternatively, send an email to members@ivao.aero who can verify any awards that you should have received?
How can I delete my account?
You can request removal of your account via the HQ Membership Department by visiting this page, or by emailing members@ivao.aero. Make sure to include your name, birth date, e-mail address and VID number in your message.
My issue is not discussed here?
If you have a more specific issue regarding membership, contact details for membership staff can be found here.

Special Operations Department

What is special operations?
Special operations are the department of IVAO that covers any flight's that do not fall under standard operating procedures such as military, search & rescue and aerobatics, to name a few. Air traffic controllers responsible for these types of flight's also fall under special operations.
Where can I find the special operations regulations?
The regulations for special operations on IVAO can be found here and for local restrictions and rules can be found in a division's special operations order here.
Can I fly military or special operations?
Any member of the United Kingdom and Ireland Division can fly special operations within the division's airspace as long as they operate within the regulations, for any IVAO user not a member of this division must obtain permission from the division by emailing xu-specialopc@ivao.aero.
Can I attend for a Special operation event?
Anyone can attend international events that can be found here, but please make sure to register if required and to read and follow the event master plan.
Can I control a military airfield?
The only requirement for divisional members to control a military ATC position in the XU division is that they have the minimum rating as per the FRA list. Also that the controller is familiar with the different procedures of the position they are controlling when compared to civil airfields. For assistance and help in controlling military airfield's, please contact the division special operations staff xu-specialopc@ivao.aero.
Can I use weapons while on the network?
The use of weapons is only permitted in segregated airspace as part of an international event or as a member of an approved special operations group conducting a mission.
Where can I find more information about special operations?
For information about special operation's internationally visit this website and for more information about local SO please contact the department xu-specialopc@ivao.aero.

Events Department

Where can I sign up to control for Events?
You can sign up to our events ATC rostering system by clicking this link. Please remember that due to your ATC rating some positions might not show up.
Where can I file my report for the Award?
You can find our report system here.
Where can I find tours?
You can find our IVAO XU tours here.
How long does it take to find out if you’re controlling or an event?
The Events Department along with the ATC Operations Department aim to have the roster released at least 48 hours prior to the event. Any last minute changes will need to be emailed to us as soon as possible so that we can find an alternative controller to take the position.
How do I know if the event I’m attending is part of the IVAO Events Support Award?
IVAO XU has a long working relationship with the IVAO HQ Events Department. When we have an which has integrated the IVAO Events Support Award the event will be visible on here after the event finish time has passed. There you will be able to file your report.

Training Department

What is the minimum rating to start ATC training?
You can start applying for training once you have achieved your AS3 rating. Our Wiki has a large amount of resources available to help teach you the basics of providing an ATC service and get you controlling on the network.
To reach the AS3 rating you will need to control online on the network for a minimum of 25 hours and sit an exam. The exam can be found under the my personal details section of your IVAO profile.
How do I register for ATC training?
Training can be requested through the Training System. Training slots will be posted under the book a session tab. Once a session has been booked it will show up in the my sessions tab.
How often are sessions added?
Sessions are posted dependent on instructor availability and the current number of students undergoing training. If we have a low number of students currently in the training system, then we will be able to post more sessions.
Will I have the same instructor throughout my training?
Once you have had an introductory session and a space is available, you will be assigned a primary and secondary instructor. These instructors will be your point of contact throughout your training and they will contact you regarding their availability for sessions.
Will my training history appear on the new system?
Most of your training history has been transferred to the new website and can be viewed under the my sessions section. Please be aware that some sections of this old information may be unavailable as it was unable to be transferred.
Do you offer pilot training?
At this time pilot training is conducted ad hoc and is tailored to individual needs. Please email xu-training@ivao.aero for more information.
Can I apply for an IVAO exam without undergoing training?
IVAO exams can be requested without undergoing training however it is highly recommended that you undergo training prior to requesting the exam, especially for ATC exams. If you have not undergone any training, there is a much lower chance of passing.
Does the XU have a GCA policy?
We do and the policy can be seen here. If you wish to apply for a GCA please ensure you have read and understood the policy before applying via our training system.