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Welcome to IVAO United Kingdom & Ireland MCD

Hello and welcome to the IVAO United Kingdom and Ireland Division website. We are a free to use, friendly network and we pride ourselves in putting our members first. You are the lifeblood of the community. It is IVAO’s aim to provide a multi-level, multiplayer environment for flight sim enthusiasts. In the United Kingdom and Ireland division, its our aim the offer an ‘as real as it gets’ experience for everyone – virtual pilots and air traffic controllers alike. We do this by providing real time air traffic control services for some of the busiest and most congested airspace in the world. IVAO United Kingdom and Ireland has over 5000 members and we have a combined online time of more than one million hours!

We organise regular events within the division and in collaboration with other divisions as well. If you are new to IVAO, we provide training to teach you how to provide ATC and we can also teach you the basics of flying to help you get the most out of IVAO. If you are interested in joining us click the links below.

Getting Started
If Air Traffic Control is your thing, then you can get started in three easy steps. First of all, you need to join the IVAO community. You can do this here. Next, you will need to download the Air Traffic Control software. It is called ‘Aurora’ and you can download it here. You need to be familiar with the aerodrome you want to control and we have plenty of documentation for you to read. We have dedicated training aerodromes at Stansted, Edinburgh and Dublin so you can get started with controlling ground based traffic.
Get Started
If you are here to fly, then it is quick and easy to get started in just three simple steps. First of all, you need to join the IVAO community. You can do this here. The next important step is downloading the IVAO software that talks and listens to your aircraft. That is our very own Pilot Client and it's called ‘Altitude’, you can download it here. Generally, we don’t train people in the basics of flight so you will need some knowledge and you need to be proficient with your chosen compatible simulator (FS2004, FSX, Prepar3d, X-Plane or MSFS2020).
Upcoming Training
EGPH (Edinburgh Tower) at Wednesday, 5th April 2023 18:00z
EGPH (Edinburgh Tower) at Friday, 7th April 2023 18:30z
EGPH (Edinburgh Radar) at Sunday, 9th April 2023 18:00z
EGPH (Edinburgh Tower) at Monday, 10th April 2023 17:15z
EGPH (Edinburgh Tower) at Wednesday, 12th April 2023 17:30z
EGPH (Edinburgh Tower) at Saturday, 15th April 2023 15:00z
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