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Responsible for the management of the Division on a day-to-day basis.

Badge Position Abbreviation Name Status
Director XU-DIR Gary Hubbard (264441)

Membership Department

Membership Coordinator XU-MC Mark Hooper (428812)
Membership Assistant Coordinator XU-MAC Allan Ikin (621318)

ATC Operations Department

Flight Operations Department

Special Operations Department

Special Operations Coordinator XU-SOC Ryan Moore (419127)

Training Department

Training Coordinator XU-TC Ben Leonard (329627)
Training Assistant Coordinator XU-TAC Gary Hubbard (264441)
Training Advisor XU-TA Allan Ikin (621318)
Training Advisor XU-TA Andrew King (522842)
Training Advisor XU-TA Daniel Jones (478067)
Training Advisor XU-TA Ryan Moore (419127)
Training Advisor XU-TA Jon Reeves (331048)
Training Advisor XU-TA Thomas Maskell (397531)
Training Advisor XU-TA Daniel Jehan (657147)

Events Department

Event Coordinator XU-EC Anthony Dooner (479793)

Public Relations Department

Public Relations Coordinator XU-PRC Connor Sedman (598551)

Web Department